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TM 59

Do you need an overheating assessment for your domestic project?

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Our assessors can complete TM59 calculations on all types of dwellings of any size or complexity.

What are TM59 calculations?

TM59 calculations use thermal modelling to assess the overheating risk of a dwelling. They allow a wide range of building types to be modelled and analysed while being able to assess the likely internal temperatures for a variety of weather conditions.

TM59 calculations can also be used to demonstrate Part O compliance if the Simplified Method does not allow a pass to be achieved, as far greater design flexibility is possible and a broader range of overheating mitigation methods can be used to ensure cool temperatures throughout the summer. TM59 calculations can be used in conjunction with the Simplified Method to reduce the time and cost required to demonstrate Part O compliance.

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Why Fenton Energy?

We use the most up-to-date modelling software, which allows design changes to be easily implemented as well as ensuring that the results of the assessment are accurate.

Our company practices allow collaborative working to ensure that the calculations are completed in a timely manner.

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