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TM 52

Do you need an overheating assessment for your non-domestic project?

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We can provide overheating assessments on all types of buildings of any size or complexity.

What are TM52 calculations?

To ensure that non-domestic buildings will not overheat, TM52 thermal modelling calculations can be completed, which allow designs of any size or complexity to be analysed.

The use of TM52 calculations allow a wide variety of overheating prevention methods to be used, including internal and external shading as well as a diverse range of ventilation strategies, to allow for maximum design flexibility while still enabling the building to stay cool.

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Why Fenton Energy?

We can offer TM52 calculations as either a standalone service or in conjunction with SBEM or DSM thermal modelling calculations. The model used for SBEM or DSM calculations can be used as the basis for TM52 calculations, which will save time and money as well as allowing the effect of any changes needed to be fully explored.

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