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Simplified Method (Part O)

Simplified Method (Part O)

Need to demonstrate Part O compliance?

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We can provide overheating assessments on all types of dwellings for any size of development.

What is the Simplified Method?

The 2021 Building Regulations require that all new dwellings have an overheating assessment performed on them to demonstrate Part O compliance.

The Simplified Method looks at glazing area to floor area ratios as well as the areas created for airflow by opening windows and sets target values deemed to be necessary to avoid overheating. This method may allow for compliance to be achieved without requiring the more in-depth TM59 assessment, but does put limits on design flexibility.

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Why Fenton Energy?

As well as being able to offer overheating assessments as a standalone service we can also provide them in conjunction with SAP Calculations or Energy Assessments, which will simplify the process for you and allow all compliance criteria or planning conditions to be assessed at the same time.

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